Dependable On-Site Inspector of Lifting Equipment

Cranes and other aerial lifts are used to keep your employees safe and to make construction work easier. To ensure that your equipment is free of cracks or any defects, regular inspection is important. For a detailed assessment of your lifting gear, count on Crane Safety Inspections. Our team can perform various tests on your equipment to confirm if it meets the safety requirements or not. We usually serve industrial and residential clients in Alabama.

Mission Statement

Our experienced team aims to provide our clients with in-depth crane inspections. To achieve this goal, we have undergone rigorous training. We also keep ourselves updated with the latest codes and requirements in the industry.


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For comprehensive on-site inspections, rely on us. We are skilled in assessing cranes of all brands as well as other aerial lifts. If you want to learn about our rates, our team can give you a quote at no extra charge.